Thursday, 14 July 2011


Matt was delighted that the fling with Cass had lasted and that now they were definitely an item.  Maxine’s body language and terseness showed her displeasure at this development.  She thought she had Matt under her thumb because of the dog incident in the kitchen but now that the dog had gone, her power had weakened considerably.  Her biggest problem was jealousy.  On those occasions when she saw Matt coming out of Cass’s room, dressed only in boxer shorts and tee-shirt, or when Cass tip-toed barefoot out of Matt’s room looking a little sheepish and coy, she wanted to scream at both of them but she could not rationalize why she wanted to scream or what she really wanted to scream about.  The whole chemistry of the flat had changed and it was not clear how things would develop.
“I haven’t even got Billy Bob to talk to,” she said out loud, lying on her bed one day.  “I need to clear my head.”  Her collection of teddy bears and other soft toys seemed to understand and one, a pink cat, fell over slightly as if nodding in a sympathetic way. 
“Did you say something, Max,” called Matt.
“Oh, I was just talking to myself,” answered Maxine as she walked into the lounge.  Matt was sitting in an armchair, coffee mug in hand.  “Coffee?” he asked.
“No, thanks.”  Maxine sat down on the sofa.  She looked at Matt.
“What?”  he asked.  Maxine smiled at him.
“Oh, I want to ask you something but I’m not sure how to or if I should.”
“I feel like I’m in a cryptic crossword,” laughed Matt.  “Ask me anything?”
“It’s about you and Cass.  Is it serious?  I mean I know you two are… know….sleeping together but is it a fling or is it longer term than that?”
“Blimey,” gasped Matt.  “There’s a lot of things in there that I’m not sure about and certainly not sure if it is any of your business, Max.  I mean, we like each other and we like doing, er, things together.  I can’t even begin to put a time limit on it.  At the moment, everything is cool.  Why are you asking?”
“I’m sorry if it sounds like an intrusion but I just need to know in case you both decide to get a place of your own and I want to be prepared for that.”
“I can’t answer that but we should all be aware that circumstances change and at some point one or more of us will move on.  But, right now, moving is not on the agenda.”
“But it could be?”  Maxine stared at him.
“Yes, it could be but it isn’t.”  Matt returned a quizzical look, got up and went to the kitchen.  Maxine followed him.
“So, now that you two are an item, you won’t mind if I bring boyfriends back for…….”  She didn’t finish the sentence.
“Max, you can do what you want.  We’re all adults here.  If you want to sleep with someone in this flat, then fine.  Go ahead.  No one’s stopping you.”
“I was only asking.  You’ve changed since you got all lovey-dovey with Cass,” said Maxine in a tantrum as she spun on her heels and went back to her room.  Matt looked out of the window and shook his head at life, the universe and everything.  In minutes, Maxine walked back into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of red wine and left the flat without saying anything else.  He could smell a blast of strong perfume.
Maxine bounded downstairs and knocked on Angie’s and Chico’s door.  She waited and was about to turn away when the door opened.  Chico was standing there with a towel wrapped round his waist.
“Oh, hi,” he said, reddening a little.  “I’ve just had a shower.”
“Oh that’s okay,” said Maxine, “you’ve got to keep a body like that in good shape, haven’t you?”  Chico reddened a little more.
“Can I help you?” he asked.  Maxine felt a tiny bit of confidence leave her but took a deep breath and carried on with her semi-impulsive plan.  “Is your wife in?”
“My wife?”  Chico looked perplexed.  “Oh, you mean my lady, Angie.”
“Yes,” said Maxine.  She was mesmerized by Chico’s tight body.
“No,” she gone to a spa for the day and won’t be back until later tonight.  Why?”
In a not very coordinated movement, Maxine grabbed Chico by the arms and kissed him full on the lips.  He backed away, then looked her in the eyes and launched forward again on the doorstep and kissed her back.  He pulled her inside the flat, slammed the door and started to undress her.  Maxine had very little to do to Chico except whisk away his towel.  They continued to kiss passionately as Chico steered her towards the bedroom.  For the next couple of hours, a new foxier Maxine was born, sassy, sexy, adventurous and enjoying every kiss, touch and sensation.  Chico was dynamic in bed, tender and romantic, a tiger unleashed and fully experienced in the geography of a woman’s body.
“No regrets?” she asked as they lay on the royal blue sheets.  Chico balanced himself on his elbow and stroked her face.
“Not a single one,” he cooed.
“Can we do this again?”  Maxine ran her hand across his chest.
“What, now?” he smiled.
“No, I mean sometime in the future.”  She kissed him.
“Sure, but it needs to be our secret.”  He put a finger to his lips in a kind of “omerta” contract.  He kissed her back.
“I’ve got to use the bathroom and then I must go.  We didn’t even have time to drink the wine.”  Maxine bounded out of bed and headed for the toilet.  Chico watched her naked body as it left the room.  He knew he was playing a dangerous game by cheating on Angie but when a woman offers herself on a plate, how is a man supposed to resist.
Maxine tidied her make-up, liked her reborn self in the bathroom mirror, winked at her reflection and made a silent vow not to be such a wimp in future.

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