Saturday, 23 July 2011


"Tales From Maple Court" is a 40-chapter short novel.  It was written more to challenge myself to write daily rather than to achieve any great literary success.  Hopefully, it is a decent little yarn and stands up well enough.

My other work includes:

"Retail Confidential" (2010), a non-fiction paperback based on my management career, offering insight and humour on shops, shoppers and shopping. (Check Amazon for more details)

I have experimented with ebooks - "Belfast Shakedown", a crime caper; "The Life & Poetry of Hamish Sheaney", a spoof of you-know-who; "The Tickling Point", funny poems for all ages. (Check Amazon - enter "Joe Cushnan")

I have a new poetry blog aiming to publish a-poem-a-day Let's see how it develops.

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